Transformational Guide & Shamanic Practitioner
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I wasn’t aware of what a Shaman was until I met Rami. The healing work he did for me was life changing.
— Katt Casas, Portland, OR


I first stepped onto this path over a decade ago while undergoing a chronic health crisis of my own. On that arduous journey I learned a great deal about myself, and also about the very nature of healing.

We are many layered beings. Oftentimes we need to dive below the surface, and bring about change at the source of our suffering, in order to transform our lives.


Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Do you feel stuck, like life is just passing you by?

  • Are you sometimes paralyzed by fear or self doubt?

  • Is it hard to hear your intuition over the other noise in your mind?

  • Are you fed up? Do you know something needs to change?

  • Are you looking to manifest a larger-than-life dream?

  • Are you ready to release the energy of the past, and call forward your destiny?





I first came to Rami with several chronic physical complaints that I just couldn’t shake: poor digestion, headaches and eczema.I had already done a lot to clean up my diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, these issues kept coming back. Rami’s thoughtful approach and intuitive abilities helped me to uncover some deep-seated beliefs that seemed to be contributing to the problem. He saw things about me that my conscious mind had not recognized. Not only did Rami bring these underlying beliefs to my attention, he designed a method to help me heal and transform them into something more beneficial. Following his guidelines brought renewed peace of mind and within weeks my health had improved. I can’t recommend Rami highly enough!
— Jenise Fryatt, California
I was skeptical about the work and in particular in doing the work remotely. I thought, how could this work? I prefaced my call to Rami saying I really didn’t need help as I didn’t live with fear, anxiety or unhappiness. While that was true, Rami was able to get me to journey back to my childhood were fear, aniexty and unhappiness left imprints that instead created self doubt & self deprecation. Despite a highly successful career, I still managed to believe the voices from my past telling me I wasn’t good enough. Rami helped me to close that dialogue and help me realize how often I was my own worse enemy. Thru some “homework” and sessions with Rami, I have changed my dialogue and my story for one that applauds & encourages me. Further, Rami helped me get rid of a decade long pain in my ribs that no doctor had been able to identify, let alone heal.
— Olivera Zangas, New York