As a Shamanic practitioner and transformational guide, Shaman Rami helps clients around the world find freedom from their pain and rediscover their passion for life.

Rami was first called onto this path while facing a chronic health crisis of his own. While in his senior year of high school he began developing symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue, which gradually spread throughout his body and kept him nearly bed-ridden for 5 years. Doctors were having a very difficult time treating his condition. During this time Rami was given several frightening diagnoses, and was prescribed a plethora of pharmaceuticals to mask his symptoms. The medications just gave him new side effects to wrestle with, and as he traveled to the Cleveland Clinic and sought insight from various medical specialists, he began to realize the limitations of Western medicine in the treatment of chronic conditions.


The key to his healing path would be revealed one evening while Rami was lying in bed. In the midst of his struggle with chronic pain, he had what he describes as an “abrupt spiritual awakening” which would forever change his life. The visions of spirits entering his room and a vortex opening up above his bed shook him to the core. Nearly overnight, he was opened up to a spiritual reality which he’d never knew existed. In doing so, new possibilities for healing also presented themselves. 

This experience became Rami’s Shamanic initiation, and he vowed to learn how to heal himself so that, in turn, he could empower others to do the same. He dedicated the next several years of his journey to studying ancient Shamanic healing practices, cutting edge nutrition, and transformative mind-body techniques. 

Against all odds, Rami was able to regain his health and vitality for the first time in years. He credits this healing to his unshakable determination and optimism, as well as a combination of Shamanic energy medicine, nutritional support, and mind/body techniques.

Rami went on to train with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, and was initiated by the Q’ero medicine men and women in the High Andes of Peru. To date Rami has helped hundreds of clients around the globe, shining light into their darkest moments, and assisting them in transforming their pain into power, and a renewed passion for life.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Rami now resides in Los Angeles with his beloved wife, Giselle, and their two rescue dogs Toby and Luna. When he’s not working with clients, Rami explores his passions for songwriting, painting, and exploration. Following his souls calling has also given him the freedom to travel, and connect with the great outdoors which he holds so dear.

He has overcome his dark night of the soul, and is living a life free from the grips of chronic pain. Could you use a guide on your healing path?