With the skill of a surgeon, and the compassion of a saint, Rami cuts through everything you’ve ever known to respectfully release the core wounds of your life.

For 50+ years I explored countless types of therapies, hoping to bust through my challenges so that my outer world could match what my inner world was calling me to be. Instead I inched along. I had almost given up, figuring that my life was not meant to be about feeling happy or fulfilled. And then I met Rami.

Through the gifts of Rami’s extraordinary and powerful work, my life has profoundly changed in a very short time. I see beauty again. I want to get out of bed in the morning, curious to see what synchronicities will pop up, and what opportunities I will have to live as my best and highest self.

The message here is: don’t give up, no matter what you’ve been facing. It doesn’t matter if it’s emotional, physical, mental or spiritual – and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been there. Yes, it is possible to move through it all, with grace.

If you really want change in your life, Rami can help you get there.

Rami was kind, patient, caring, and you can tell he is devoted to his services. It’s not about the payment, it’s about the type of service he gives with love out of his heart! He explains everything thoroughly, I would recommend anyone who wants to break patterns, bad habits, addictions, release things or just for balancing - he is Amazing! Thank you Rami!
— LIZ LOPEZ, tamarack, Florida

I am so grateful for the opportunity for work with Rami. This has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. I knew I was carrying a lot of emotional weight and needed help letting go of it. I am so glad I was open and ready for this type of work because Rami was the perfect healer for me to work with. His presence is compassionate and giving. His communication is clear and filled with light. I felt truly seen in his presence, and I knew all he wanted for me was a life of joy and light and embracing my own power. I haven’t felt this good in years!

I was introduced to Rami through the Four Winds Society. They recommended 3 sessions, although I was skeptical about the work and in particular in doing the work remotely. I thought, how could this work? I prefaced my call to Rami saying I really didn’t need help as I didn’t live with fear, anxiety or unhappiness. While that was true, Rami was able to get me to journey back to my childhood were fear, aniexty and unhappiness left imprints that instead created self doubt & self deprecation. Despite a highly successful career, I still managed to believe the voices from my past telling me I wasn’t good enough. Rami helped me to close that dialogue and help me realize how often I was my own worse enemy. Thru some “homework” and sessions with Rami, I have changed my dialogue and my story for one that applauds & encourages me. Further, Rami helped me get rid of a decade long pain in my ribs that no doctor had been able to identify, let alone heal.
— Olivera ZANGAS, New York, ny

Rami is a talented healer. He has great respect for the client, the shamanic tradition, and the healing process. I’ve had several sessions with him (both in-person and distantly) and every time is transformative. With his help I’ve been able to loosen some long-held limiting beliefs and ease physical pain. If you’re ready to make some big changes in your life, I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with him.
— Arini ESSAREY, walla walla, WA

Rami is a true healer. Over the past few years he has helped me tap into my own energy and spiritual growth. Through several sessions in person and distance sessions (over the phone or Skype) he has helped me get through several internal struggles. For example dealing with physical pain, nutritional problems, and unhealthy relationships. He is helping me build a strong spiritual foundation so I can be the best version of myself.

Rami is compassionate and empathetic. He always makes me feel comfortable and helps to guide his treatment sessions on level I feel comfortable with and participative in.

“I wasn’t aware of what a shaman was until I met Rami Abu-Sitta. The healing work he did for me was life changing. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and was suffering from trauma and deep wounds from my past that I needed help with healing. Rami’s work helped me move forward again. He helped me connect with my soul again, find inner peace and healing. Rami worked miracles in my life he’s truly a spiritual healer.
— Katt CASSAS, portland, or

I came to Rami during a time when I was suffering from both chronic physical and emotional pain. I was looking for a deeper sense of healing than I was able to find through the traditional means. I really had no idea what to expect, but Rami’s personality and demeanor was warm and welcoming, and I immediately felt comfortable in his presence. In our first session he helped me release pain in my shoulder and lungs which I had been living with. The pain still hasn’t returned years later. Rami’s gentle guidance has continued to offer me clarity, inspiration, power, and deeper purpose. If you’re hitting a wall and searching for deeper healing, Rami can help!
— Chelsea Layton, Palm Springs, ca

“I first came to Rami with several chronic physical complaints that I just couldn’t shake: poor digestion, headaches and eczema.I had already done a lot to clean up my diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, these issues kept coming back. Rami’s thoughtful approach and intuitive abilities helped me to uncover some deep-seated beliefs that seemed to be contributing to the problem. He saw things about me that my conscious mind had not recognized. Not only did Rami bring these underlying beliefs to my attention, he designed a method to help me heal and transform them into something more beneficial. Following his guidelines brought renewed peace of mind and within weeks my health had improved. I can’t recommend Rami highly enough!
— Jenise FRYATT, Big Bear, CA

I have had 3 sessions with Rami via skype. He truly has the wisdom & healing practices of a dedicated shaman. I was prompted to contact him after reading a couple of Alberto Villoldo’s books. My issue was a fight or flight mechanism that seemed to be turned on most of the time. Unaware of any major past traumas it presented as very vague. With Rami’s great listening skills, critical questioning and his “tools of the trade” the issue began to heal. The process was very subtle but powerful. His “homework” of connecting to nature activated gentle but measurable changes. At end of the 3rd session I received the “aha” moment. I know that everyone could benefit from a session with Rami. He has much knowledge, insight & wisdom.
— Lizzie, Chico, CA

I met Rami on my ongoing path to innergrowth. When reading about him I felt immediately a yes in my body and soul. He helped me further a connection to my innertruth, and I feel very thankful for meeting him. Rami is a true vessel to show you what lies beneath. I truly love his personality and soul as a wise integer man who approaches you with comfort, honesty and some nice humor. He is a shaman of my heart. I surely recommend Rami.
— Martine GEERHART, Portland, OR

After only working with Rami Abu-Sitta a couple times while near the Portland area, I consider him a friend, and one whom I hold a great deal of respect for. I found myself going through a difficult time, and I was looking for answers and wanting to know more related to an experience I had with the Yawanawa tribe in the rainforest of Brazil... Rami seemed to meet me where I was, and provided a very welcoming space. I felt comfortable in his presence, he was easy to communicate with, and provided insights that are applicable to everyday life. He also shared wisdom and techniques learned through experiences of his own journey which I appreciated as well. I wasn’t expecting to come away with what I did in working with him. I feel he is on the right path, works well with energy, and someone I definitely hope to keep in touch with in the future. The few sessions I spent with him and the things that were shared during our time together will be something I hold close to me for the remainder of this lifetime.

After months of research on the topic of Shamanism, I decided to work with Rami. His approach is very much rooted in the indigenous practices of South American healing, bringing forth an incredible sacred energy and presence to each session. Perhaps our modern, linear culture has lost touch with the practice of ritual healing grounded in the natural world. Each session helped create awareness and shifting of energy, offering an opportunity for new perspective and growth. Working with Rami helped remind me of the powerful ally we have with the earth, all energy surrounding any situation or viewpoint can be transformed.

I have been working with Rami Abu-Sitta for a few months, and from the first session I felt a sense of trust. In the following sessions I continued to feel that same trust. In each session I felt a superior kind of healing and releasing, with following assignments that demonstrated more of such. I cannot say enough about this experience, and I will definitely recommend Rami to all that I know. Attentive, warm and at the same time professional. Compassionate and never arrogant. Always available when I had a question or a crisis. I feel that for him, his mission was more important than money, never did he say time is up we need to stop now.

I have had two sessions with Rami remotely this last year. I did not know what to expect so I went into it with an open heart and mind. Rami has a gentle and compassionate presence and I felt very safe. I don’t pretend to understand the shamanic process but after the session I had a calmness and relaxed state that was well beyond what I experienced through medical means, counseling or massage. I do now believe in energy work and highly recommend Rami to anyone suffering from chronic illness and anxiety. He also helped me process the grief from my husbands recent death. I hope to have follow up sessions with him. Rami is a skilled healer.

I was feeling both physical pain from an injury as well as emotional pain from my inability to participate in activities that have given me pleasure in the past. Rami led me through a beautiful meditative journey of healing. Through visualization and his gentle healing guidance I was able to experience a great sense of calmness, relief and empowerment where I had previously felt helpless and very anxious about my situation. I would highly recommend Rami’s to anyone going through a difficult time.

Rami is a true healer who helped me change my life significantly with only one session. I cannot wait to see what more sessions will bring. I came to Rami to let go of the pain that I was holding onto from losing my eldest brother. Throughout our session I felt very comfortable and taken care of. Rami helped heal an emotional pain that I have not been able to heal with any other method. As soon as he offered my brother healing on the other side I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. I am now living my life for myself and making the changes I need with the advice he has given me. Rami was also able to help me begin healing physically. I have constant fatigue and pain in my neck but after seeing him it has gotten much better. I feel more spiritually, physically and emotionally connected to myself then ever before. I highly recommend seeing him.

I have had wonderful experiences with Rami and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to do some healing and empowerment work on themselves. Each time we have had a session I have felt great gains in my journey.

I’ve been seeing Rami for several months now, and my sessions with him have been life-changing. I’ve experienced a level of healing I didn’t know was possible. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to my first session, because I wasn’t familiar with this kind of work. Rami made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. He has a very gentle nature and has always been both kind and professional. He truly puts his heart into the work he does, and he is an incredible healer.

When I went to Rami for the first time, I was feeling lost, stuck, not myself & physically ill. After that session, I not only felt better, but my life started to shift in a more positive direction. My career changed for the better and I felt alive again. I have had a few more sessions and after each one, I am uplifted and feeling more clear. I highly recommend Rami to anyone feeling down or having a desire for positive growth.

I sought out Shamanic healing during a period of my life when I felt I was living in a consistent state of anxiety and fear. I had exhausted other alternative avenues such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture and diet, but my anxiety felt deeper rooted. After watching the documentary ‘Healing the Luminous Body, I knew Shamanic work was what I needed for true healing on a deep cellular level. My first sessions with Rami were beyond incredible; they were miracles. The anxiety that I had felt in my solar plexus like a heavy weight disappeared and has not returned, and the fight or flight mode that had been on automatic was disengaged. Rami is such a light in this world, his work is pure and powerful and he is a much needed resource to help us remember our truest nature.

He has the most AMAZING energy to be around. After my first experience with Rami (there will be more) my husband and best friend wanted to go and visit him and were excited to see what benefits it would bring to their lives after seeing the transformation I had after one session. I went to him not knowing what to expect, but counseling wasn’t working, my health was in a very frustrating state and I knew that I needed something different to heal. I love the way I feel after a session; the clarity, guidance, and lightness it brings to my life is immeasurable.

My husband was a sceptic and searching for his own spiritual healing and couldn’t ignore the positive effects it had on me. So he went and found what he was searching for.

My advice is to bring a notebook to write down your experience after so you can remember everything :)

I can’t rave about him enough, you must go to him!

Alberto Villoldo’s book Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul resonated with my lifetime of trauma I’d been trying to forget. Realizing these traumas needed healed and my need for soul retrieval, I located Rami through The Four Winds Society practitioner directory. From our first meeting I felt safe to be open and share my heart. Over a year and a half he has gifted me with his many gifts of Shamanic healing. His light-hearted sense of humor has been a joy, always taking the time to listen intently. By eliminating a dark energy he was able to heal my 8 yrs of nightmares caused by PTSI. He has retrieved many lost soul parts that I’ve been able to welcome in and he taught me how to honor them as well as a few spirit animals I can now call on. As an Empath his guidance and healing has been invaluable. I am forever grateful for the many blessings he has brought into my life. Peace & love my friend.

Rami is a truly gifted Shaman. He is a powerfully profound healer with a gentle, kind and loving spirit. The healing I have experienced working with him has been life-changing.

I saw Rami after a very difficult time in my life. While I do not fully understand the work he does or the world of shamanism, I went into the experience with an open heart and mind. His calm and peaceful energy put me at ease. He provided a range of healing therapies as well as guided me through intention based personal work to do on my own. In the process, I gain a clarity, healing and peace with what I was struggling through. With all honestly I can say that of all of the counseling and therapy I sought, his work with me was some of the most helpful.

I’ve had the good fortune of working remotely with Rami. After our last session together, I couldn’t help but continually remark how I felt more at home in myself than I’ve felt in a long time. He’s graceful, compassionate, skilled, and even has a good sense of humor. I highly, highly recommend him.

Rami has helped me to move deeper onto my spiritual path by gently guiding me to recognize and remove limiting beliefs that I have been carrying for many years.
Working with him is an empowering experience and has opened me up to recognize who I truly am and the life path I am meant to walk.

Rami was incredible! His voice/presence is soothing in itself and after a deeply relaxing session and working on the issue at hand, I felt 10 years lighter! If you’re open to this type of healing, you’ll benefit for sure! I know that I’ll be coming back. :)

Rami helped me find priceless pieces of the puzzle. I’m not sure what it all is, but it’s something else. I am deeply grateful.